Invisible Gold Test Page

IG Directory: e:\inetpub\greg\
IG Version: 3.7993
Test 1 - Can IG Core (dll) be loaded?: OK
Test 2 - Data directory readable (and/or exists)?: OK
Test 3 - Data directory modify rights?: OK
Test 4 - Are dlls Registered and have proper rights?:
ChilkatZip2.dll: OK
ChilkatUtil.dll: OK
ChilkatCert.dll: OK
Webmail2.dll: OK
IGUpload2.dll: OK
mdict.dll: OK
(Any errors above should be resolved by checking and reseting
permissions on the dll files in c:\Program Files\InvisibleGold\ver3.7993\)

Test 5 - Is Microsoft XML 4 core installed?: OK