FAQ - Eat and Think 2 Win
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. We welcome any additional questions you may have. Please email them to Drrobert@eatandthink2win.com or call  516-200-5400.

1. How does your one-on-one coaching work?
This type of coaching is perfect for someone that has specific areas that they want to address and focus on. It can be done on the phone or in person depending on your location. You will start off by filling out an intake form that is broken up into four sections,(nutritional, mental, physical, general health questions), each section gives Dr. Kleinwaks the information needed to evaluate what your strengths and weaknesses are, and where Dr. Kleinwaks needs to focus most. He will review this questionnaire with you on the first visit and find out more about you, and how he can best serve your needs. It is this visit where he will also let you know if your challenges can be comfortably handled, and  how many visits it may take to cover the information necessary to give you the best chance to help improve yourself. Dr. Kleinwaks does not do Psychotherapy, and his visits are not intended to be and don't resemble Psychotherapy.  All followup visits are intended to educate and motivate the client to help themselves overcome the issues they contacted  Dr. Kleinwaks for.

2. If we want you to come lecture to our group, what do you talk about and how much does it cost?
In a nutshell, our lecture focuses on the Mental and Nutritional components necessary to help good athletes become better and more consistent competitors, maximizing their health and performance naturally.
 We use a power-point slide show presentation with 1-3 short inspiration videos mixed throughout the presentation. Our lecture is continually upgraded and edited to include the most up to date cutting edge materials. If what you want is the "competitive edge", we promise to deliver just that.

If your team or organization has specific needs or issues, we will incorporate them into the lecture if they are not already included.

The cost varies dependent on what state the lecture will be done in, and how many times or how many groups you want us to lecture to while we are at your (college, school, facility, academy etc). Normally the group will pay 50% of the speaking fee to reserve the specific date requested, and the balance is due  before the lecture date. Call to discuss rates for your specific group. Call 516-200-5400.

3. How often should this type of lecture be repeated to ensure that the materials are learned and applied?
The information in the presentation is in a format that is easy to follow and can be applied immediately. With that being said, just like repeating basic skills to master any sport, the same applies for the information in our presentation. Our recommendation is to have your group listen to this presentation at least once a year.  Several teams and organizations repeat our seminar  2-3 times a year. There are special discounts for those groups that repeat our services within the same year. Another way to help learn the materials and keep them fresh is to read Dr. Kleinwaks's book called THE SPORTS TRIAD. Reading and studying the principles in the book will help drive home the important points, and keep the athlete or coach focused on whats most important when practicing or competing. REMEMBER: practicing the principles taught in Dr. Kleinwaks's book is just as important as practicing the physical aspects of any sport.

4. Is there a way our organization could use this opportunity to create a fundraiser, or a way for us to profit from having you speak to a large group?
We can certainly help you do a fundraiser for your group. We can either charge you a flat fee to lecture, and you can charge per head and keep all the profits, or occasionally we are willing to profit share from the fees you charge for tickets. This can be discussed when you call.

5. Does our group or organization have to provide a location for you to perform the lecture?
For local teams in the tri-state area, you can use the facility Dr. Kleinwaks owns in Glen Cove, New York called, Cove Sports Academy. Our facility can hold up to 150 people. If you want us to come to you, then our lecture can be done in any large conference room, auditorium or large open space. We prefer a space that will keep some of the direct sunlight out, or doesn't have a lot of sun glare.