Testimonials - Eat and Think 2 Win
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Below are just a few of the letters that Dr. Robert has received over the years


"After meeting with Dr. Robert K my mind has been opened to a new way to achieve my goals. His focus on Eating correctly, thinking positively and training is a great combination. I have improved my overall game as a fighter after changing my supplements to Eat and Think 2 WIN products. My PH has been improved stronger bones, longer workouts, better mental clarity. The products work because of the understanding that Dr. Robert K has of an athletes individual need."
Wayne Barrett
Glory #3 Ranked Middle weight fighter


"Dr. Kleinwaks’ research and work is truly cutting-edge.  As a father of three children that are involved in numerous sports, I found the information provided by Dr. Kleinwaks a “must know” for any parent trying to do what’s best for their growing athletes.  As the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.”  I say, “So, be careful what your practice.”  Reading Dr. Kleinwaks’ book will ensure you’re practicing what’s right when it comes to health and wellness!"

                                                                                                   Dr. Matthew Miraglia
Professor of Business, Mercy College & Father of 3 beautiful children


"From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you. I won my first MMA pro fight ... Your kind words helped me overcome any fear of losing. I visualized myself winning that day in my mind, just like you said and the rest was history."
"Ruthless" Rudy Morales
MMA Professional fighter

"I have rowed on my high school crew team for nearly three years.  During my junior year, it was my goal to break seven minutes for the 2000 meter. I lifted weights and rowed almost every day for two hours, determined to break this milestone. No matter how hard I physically tried, I couldn't break seven minutes. I realized that if I wanted to reach my goal, I would have to go beyond the physical aspect of training.

I reached out to Dr. Kleinwaks who immediately figured out I needed to change when and what I ate in an effort to be at my optimum strength without cramping. He also recommended specific vitamins and minerals, so that I could get the most out of my physical and mental potential. Most importantly, Dr. Kleinwaks also taught me ways to start thinking differently. He told me I had to believe that I would CRUSH seven minutes. He said if I wanted to reach a goal, then I would have to believe in myself by practicing affirmations, visualizations and positive self-talk, all of which he taught me.

Within a couple weeks of Dr. Robert's help I rowed a 6:56. This time was 4 seconds below a mark that I had previously thought was out of my reach. Right now, I am in summer training and my goal is to pull a 2k under 6:45. With Dr. Robert's help, I know that I will reach that goal.

Thanks again for all your help,
Alexander Kessaris
Sands Point, N.Y.

"I recently attended Dr. Robert's presentation and was truly amazed to see how quickly energy levels can be changed by what we eat, thus effecting your performance on the playing field. His presentation can benefit all ages, if your just a causal athlete or a competitive athlete looking for an advantage on the field.

I was impressed by his positive thinking approach, which can be applied to all aspects of life, not just athletics. A wonderful presentation which can benefit young and old.

Thank you Robert.
Michael Santucci
Coach Youth Soccer
Locust Valley, N.Y.

"Eat & Think 2 WIN is a must for any competitor looking to take their game to the next level. If you are seriously looking for a competitive edge, this presentation is the road map that can lead you to your goal."
Dan Hutcheson
Director of Athletics
Howell Public Schools (Mich.)

"The nutritional program and supplements you put in place to get me ready to lose weight and sustain high energy levels for my Muay Thai fight was great. My endurance and strength felt a lot better this training camp especially during hard training and sparring sessions. I know the nutritional changes were a big factor in helping me get the win. Thank you!"
Jay Hernandez
MMA Fighter

"Thank you so much for your presentation! It was very informative; our guys learned a great deal and have put nutrition and good health back as the top priority in their daily lives! They are eating more fruits prior to practice and games and living on coconut water! The improvement in their game is obvious, thanks again!!"
Gil Gilbert
Academy Director
Bucky Dent Baseball School

"I have seen Dr. Robert's presentation a few times, and I have learned something new each time. I think it's beneficial for both the athlete and his/her parents. There was a big difference in our team's mental approach to the game after the presentation."
John Givargidze
Head Coach
Next Level Baseball

"It was fantastic to have this information presented to my kids at such an early age from a credible source.  The nutritional aspect was the most enlightening for me."
Dean Tengel
Howell Public Schools (Mich.)

"Dr. Robert Kleinwaks was a guest lecturer at our high school and spoke to the entire fall sports program. His lecture entitled 'Eat and Think 2 Win' was excellent, and applicable to all athletes and coaches, regardless of the differences in each sport.

I personally never knew how certain foods and vitamins eaten before competition could improve speed, power, agility and mental focus, while other foods could do the direct opposite.

The hour we spent with Dr. Robert flew by mainly because his message was easy to understand, while his delivery is both funny and poignant. Dr. Kleinwaks takes advantage of some amazing demonstrations, and relates some incredible personal experiences in presenting his points. It's a talk that will challenge what you think about food, and how it relates to the athlete in all of us.

The information learned will help any athlete perform and compete at their highest levels, whether they are in high school, college or at a professional level.

I highly recommend inviting Dr. Robert to speak to your athletes, coaches and parents. If you are interested in improving both individual and team performance, while competing at the highest levels, his lecture is a must!"
Phil Hills
Athletic Director,
Portledge School, Locust Valley, N.Y.

Dr. Robert,

I thought you'd get a kick out of this. Before Justin(11years old) got up to bat on Saturday I noticed him in the dugout standing with his eyes closed. He got up to bat and hit the deepest, highest shot he has ever hit into right center resulting in a double and 2 RBI's. After the inning he called me over and said "It works." He told me that prior to the at bat he was imagining hitting the ball really far. Thank you!
Richard Kasparian
Garden City, N.Y.

Dear Dr. Kleinwaks,

Thank you for coming to Florida to speak to our tennis academy. It was a privilege and pleasure having you lecture to our tennis players and coaches, as they participated in your viewpoints on the mental and nutritional aspects of enhancing performance.

We really appreciated the practical and multidisciplinary approach to how to compete at the highest levels through the different ways of creating mental toughness and focus.

The demonstration of how certain foods affect muscle strength, energy, speed and endurance, was made entertaining and very easy to follow.

The knowledge passed on to our players was easily digestible, and could be immediately applied. Your presentation showed us how to build specific routines that are clear to the players, and has brought a renewed confidence and focus, with quick and lasting results when competing.
Robert Woljcik
Owner and Head Pro
Delray Competitive Tennis

Dear Dr. Kleinwaks,

I wanted to thank you for taking your time to speak to our student athletes at the Bucky Dent Baseball School in Delray Beach, Fla.  As you know I am the Director of Academics for the Academy and played both collegiate and professional baseball.  I wish I was able to hear your lecture when I was still playing as it would have been extremely beneficial. 

Many of your topics were right on target in regard to becoming a better competitor and teammate.  I particularly enjoyed the part of the lecture that discussed having a short term memory with your failures and focusing on the positive for your next at bat or fielding opportunity.  It was fascinating to learn how the brain works and functions with some of the things that we can and cannot control (being able to focus on one thing at a time). 

Your lecture on nutrition was the most important to me. It was great to see how nutrition plays a contributing factor with your performance on the field. Thanks again and we hope you can join us again in the near future.

Bryan Needle
Director of Academics
Bucky Dent Baseball School