Philosophy - Eat and Think 2 Win

Each and every athlete is looking
to consistently deliver personal bests and be more competitive. We sometimes measure this with
more hits, faster times, greater endurance or better accuracy to name just a few. Regardless how we measure it, athletes are always striving to
reach the next level.

The Eat and Think 2 Win program is designed to help
good athletes become great competitors,
by teaching them how to
balance and harness the power of the Sports Triad.

Just imagine if you were always prepared
to deliver your best athletic performance ...
we can teach you how!

Often, most training time is dedicated to physical development and repetitive skills. Practice, practice, practice! Drills, sprints, batting cages, the range ... all equally and vitally important to development as an athlete. But physical preparation is just one third of The Sports Triad, and falls flat without proper nutrition and a positive mental approach. Learn how to get the most out of practice and training using "The Sports Triad".

The effectiveness of any machine is always directly related to the energy/fuel that powers it. The Eat and Think 2 Win program highlights the truly beneficial foods and needed nutritional supplements
necessary to maximize physical performance and overall energy. No matter how much you practice, if you aren't powering your body in the proper way, your results will not reflect your true level of competitiveness.

Please keep in mind that the nutritional part of this program is not some fad diet. The materials for this part highlight the science behind reaching and maintaining peak physical ability and mental focus. You will learn simple, easy-to-follow nutritional concepts as well as proper hydration guidelines that will increase physical performance (hint: this does not include so-called "sports drinks.")

Have you ever been told to focus or get your head in the game? Well, that is more than just a saying, these are great words of advice that may be easier said then done. Staying, focused, positive, and having confidence while you play, can be learned and mastered with practice.
Learning how to visualize and regularly affirm your success is the third leg of "The Sports Triad". This is YOUR game plan. This is the answer to "how am I going to do today, this week ... this season?" One of the secrets of achievement is to be able to hold a picture of a successful outcome in your mind. It is only when you know where you are headed that you can take action toward that goal.