1-on-1 - Eat and Think 2 Win


Are you looking for a more individual approach? Dr. Robert is available for One-on-One coaching and life coaching sessions for professional, college, and high school athletes, coaches and parents. These sessions allow for a more direct approach to address specific needs of each client. This includes evaluating the mental, physical and nutritional components and developing a customized plan designed to help each client reach that next level.

One-on-One coaching utilizes all of the great information from our lecture series and Dr. Robert's book, The Sports Triad, but draws the focus to the individual needs of each client. This is the best way to develop a custom set of action steps and strategies to maximize your personal development. Please note that Dr. Kleinwaks does not do Psychotherapy, and his visits are not intended to be and don't resemble Psychotherapy.

These One-on-One sessions are conducted through several phone sessions (30 minutes to one hour long) that are conveniently set up around the clients schedule.

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featuring one of his current clients, professional MMA fighter, Wayne Barrett.

Call Dr. Robert at 516-200-5400. You can also email him at DrRobert@eatandthink2win.comto determine if One-on-One coaching is the right solution for you.