The Book - Eat and Think 2 Win

The Sports Triad

The new performance guidebook written by Dr. Robert Kleinwaks focuses on maximizing mental and physical performance by changing the way one thinks and eats.

Though the book is written on a sports platform, the universal principles and strategies found in the book can be applied to almost anyone. The principles can be easily implemented, whether you are an athlete,coach, student, business owner or employee. A few of the benefits of applying Dr. Kleinwaks's principles are more confident people, full of abundant energy, striving to be the best they can be.

Learn the secrets that have helped some of the most successful people in the world. Discover the Sports Triad and unleash your maximum potential!

Dr. Robert on The Sports Triad:
All competition and performance in any sport or in life involves three very important aspects that Dr. Kleinwaks refers to as the Triad. 
1. The first part of the Triad is the nutritional aspect which involves what you eat and the supplements you take. This area is the most interesting because most people don't realize the profound effect certain foods or supplements have on energy, focus, endurance, strength, speed and overall health. 

Understanding how different foods and supplements affect a person can be the difference between:
- Winning and losing.
- Making a smart decision or a poor one.
-Getting constant injuries or competing injury free
- Creating a healthy, disease free body or one that is riddled with
- health issues that can show up immediately or in the near future.
-Enjoying incredible energy, focus and endurance or having  poor energy , focus and endurance.
2. The second part of the Triad is the mental aspect. This part of a person can be the most allusive because it can literally affect the other two sides of the Triad (the Nutritional and Physical). This can cause issues that are unexplainable by most, but understandable once you grasp the concepts of the way improper thinking affects the body and performance in a negative way.

3. The third and last part of the Triad is the physical aspect. This is the part that you see in the mirror. It's this part that is needed to perform any and all physical tasks one does in sports or life in general, and is directly influenced by what one eats and thinks. The physical aspect of the triad includes muscle strength, speed and agility to name just a few. It is this part that many athletes work on most, whether it's in the gym, weight room, on a court, or on a field. It's the one that many trainers, coaches and parents feel most comfortable addressing, though out of the three parts of the Triad, this may actually be the least important one when it comes to competing in sports or life in general.

Each part of the triad has different principles that affect performance and health in both a positive and negative way. Understanding these principles will lead to maximizing physical and mental performance in any sport or in life, creating the ability to outperform what others felt was impossible.

"I used many of the principles taught in this book to help my confidence and focus, as I pitched nine years in the major leagues, winning two World Series rings."
-Allen Watson, former NY Yankee pitcher