Businesses and Schools - Eat and Think 2 Win

Businesses and Schools

Dr. Kleinwaks' lecture is highly interactive with a combination of demonstrations, short videos, and power-point slides. These demonstrations are not only educational, but motivational and inspirational as well. His presentation will challenge most people's beliefs about nutrition and the power of the mind. The Eat and Think 2 Win program teaches how matching a positive mental attitude with proper nutrition maximizes peak physical and mental performance.

The information taught keeps each individual engaged, while they are learning materials that are easy to understand and can be immediately implemented into any individual's personal or business daily routine. Building confidence and self-esteem, improving one's mental and physical energy, stretching to hit new goals and improving mental focus and overall health, are just a few of the many benefits to his presentation. The principles Dr. Kleinwaks teaches helps build solid motivated individuals, leading to a stronger sense of team, all striving to be the best they can be.

The presentation normally lasts an hour and a half to two hours with time for questions and answers at the end. The lecture can be made shorter if necessary and can be custom tailored to help specific groups with specific needs or issues.

For additional information or to book a lecture, please call 516-200-5400, or email